Limber Health

How Limber Health built the next generation of their Physical Therapy platform in 6 months—securing new Medicare billing codes and raising $11M in funding along the way.

“No Nerds carried us through a critical period in Limber’s growth—without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Their flexibility and 24/7 support helped us feel taken care of always.”
Michael Gruner ​
CEO, Limber Health

Before the Nerds

Limber envisioned the future of physical therapy through an innovative hybrid MSK model, modernizing musculoskeletal care.

The startup’s existing product needed upgrading to secure custom Medicare billing codes and long-term financing.

Limber needed a dedicated team to design and build a new platform in 3 months—or risk losing a critical partner.

After the Nerds

Revamped platform powered by two apps taken from spec to launch in 6 months.

Work done on platform provided the foundation for securing custom CPT billing codes for Remote Physical Therapy.

Partnership w/ Blue Venture Fund, leading the integration of in-clinic & digital musculoskeletal care.

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Introducing Limber Health

Founded in 2019, Limber Health provides a unique hybrid in-person and digital approach to musculoskeletal (MSK) care through its digital home exercise therapy, remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM), data analytics, and care navigation platform. Limber works with leading providers, payers, and employers to deliver patient-centered digital care solutions, improving access and adherence to evidence-based MSK care. 

Why Limber Health needed the Nerds

Limber Health wanted to create digital tools that would complement, rather than replace, in-person MSK care. Their goal was to enhance the predictability of musculoskeletal care, the #1 cost driver in healthcare, by merging digital and in-clinic care. By developing the leading hybrid model for MSK care, Limber Health aimed to revolutionize the field.

Limber had limited tech resources and existing software that was incompatible with its technical requests. They needed to upgrade their platform with improved mobile and web applications in three months. After securing seed funding, they needed to be efficient. Limber sought long-term financing by presenting an upgraded system to potential investors.

Limber’s success: closing $11M in Series A Funding w/ Medicare billing codes

By integrating software capabilities to align with its vision, Limber secured custom Medicare billing codes for its product. This success enabled Limber to raise $11 million at a valuation of $55 million, as they fulfilled Medicare’s requirements, secured codes, and garnered funding.

How did Limber Health achieve this?

Limber needed extra tech muscle but couldn’t pay $200+ an hour for subpar talent. Instead, they used a dedicated team to build two apps for its new platform—a patient physical therapy mobile app and a clinic web management app.

With front and backend integration a key development priority, they developed an embedded chat feature connecting both apps to facilitate direct communication between patients and doctors. Limber incorporated a built-in CMS functionality, enabling hospitals to bill Limber’s RTM services directly to Medicare.

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The Limber Health Success Story

Since its launch in 2021, Limber Health is now leading the integration of in-clinic and digital musculoskeletal care. The startup empowers providers by augmenting in-person clinician visits with digital at-home support, ensuring patients receive optimal care, whatever their location. 

Limber’s Series A round was led by Blue Venture Fund, and the startup also launched a partnership with one of the largest U.S. physical therapy companies across ten states. As a result, Limber secured additional CMS codes for the growing number of hospitals that bill its services to Medicare.

Industry Recognition & Rewards

☑️ Clinically Validated through two clinical trials conducted at Mayo Clinic.

☑️ Awarded Most Impactful New Technology by the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine.

☑️ Winner of UCSF Health Hub Digital Health Award in the Rising Star Remote Diagnostic Tool or Device Category.