How BlueVerse built & launched a $10K prototype in just 5 days—and raised a $100K+ pre-seed round in the process.

"Do you want to just 'go to market,' or do you want to build something that people are going to love? The Nerdstorm team taught us to focus on the love"
Mason Still
CEO & Founder, BlueVerse

Before the Nerdstorm

BlueVerse had an enormous vision, described in a single 2-page Word document

The startup came to us with no design or experience and no funding to build anything.

BlueVerse was looking for design & development partners to help build their vision.

After the Nerdstorm

Complete vision turned into a 12-month, step-by-step roadmap.

Clickable prototype in hand after just 5 days, ready to sell to customers.

Took roadmap and prototype to investors and closed a 6-figure seed round w/ $0 development costs.

Who can benefit from the Blueverse Story?

Are you an early-stage founder struggling to reach investors, tired of hunting for reliable design & development partners, and worried about wasting $100K on an unwanted product?

This one’s for you.

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Introducing BlueVerse

Founded in 2023, BlueVerse is a high-growth marketing software startup empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions and drive revenue. BlueVerse provides solutions for insight gathering, direct customer interaction, data reports, custom surveys, and rewards for customer engagement and loyalty. The startup helps local businesses get a leg up in today’s digital world.

Why BlueVerse Needed the Nerdstorm

BlueVerse saw an opportunity to help local businesses cost-effectively drive foot traffic by connecting consumers and nearby businesses via a social network. They recognized that high advertising costs hinder businesses from reaching their audience, with divided attention spans on digital platforms impeding meaningful engagement. Research showed consumer dissatisfaction with review platforms to limited social sharing, lack of feedback rewards, anonymous reviews, and traditional advertising skepticism.

No Experience or Funding

BlueVerse’s product consisted of a two-page Word document made up of features and hand sketches. This was the first startup for these three entrepreneurs, who were young in their careers. While young and without funding, they reached out to friends & family and put together the funds for a roadmapping workshop. But that was as far as they could go. They had no funds to invest in building a full application.

BlueVerse’s Solution: Prototyping their way to a $440k Pre-Seed Round

In one week, BlueVerse developed a full sales prototype to demo with potential customers. BlueVerse took this prototype and closed a six-figure seed round with this information alone. They had the confidence to do this as they could clearly present their vision and customer value proposition to investors, showing exactly how they would spend the needed money.

Before writing a single line of code, BlueVerse could cover more than just the development cost—and build its entire vision. 

How Did BlueVerse Achieve This?

BlueVerse didn’t have six months and $100K+ to bring its product to market. Instead, they spent five days conducting a product, design, and development sprint to get their ideas out of their heads and into their customer’s hands. In a week, they developed a clickable prototype demonstrating their core value proposition and a 12-month product roadmap comprising 100+ fully detailed user stories.

Our Nerdstorm roadmapping workshop is designed to turn a founder’s idea into something tangible. More than just a toy—something real that you can take to customers and sell and fundraise with. We’ve fine-tuned and used this approach repeatedly to turn The Next Big Thing into a clickable prototype in just one week.

And you can do it too.

BlueVerse’s Continued Success

With the Nerdstorm’s team post-launch support and development, BlueVerse boasts a 5-star rating on the App Store, fueling rapid growth through positive word of mouth. The BlueVerse app is now in use across multiple verticals, with the startup expanding its presence city by city, attracting a daily user base of over 10k.

We’re excited to be a part of BlueVerse’s continued upward trajectory. With Nerdstorm Founder James Knight now an advisory board member, the future looks bright for the startup. 

BlueVerse is now 20+ full-time members, backed by a growing team of brand ambassadors spread across their target markets.

Seed Financing, Funding & Recognition

BlueVerse is now raising $1M @ $5M valuation in seed financing from their V1 launch and initial traction. After being recognized for innovation as an early-stage company, they secured $35k in funding from Texas Tech University and brought home $145k in prizes from the Rice Business Plan Competition, the most prestigious (and lucrative) event of its kind.

Following their success in Houston, BlueVerse was accepted into Capital Factory‘s accelerator program in Austin. 

Looking forward, BlueVerse is projecting significant yearly growth with anticipated revenues of $2.8 million in 2024, $14 million in 2025, $35 million in 2026, and an increase to $70 million by 2027. These financial projections reflect the company’s confidence in its business model and strategic initiatives, positioning it for impressive growth and success in the coming years.