The Next Big Thing shouldn't take
6 months & 6-figures to

We help innovators deliver new products & features in weeks—saving $100K+ on development in the process.

Independent software [firms] such as Mr. Knight’s [Nerdstorm] represent an elite echelon of the so-called Gig Economy.

Nerdstorm is a team of product wizards focused on one thing:

Helping innovative companies & founders

scope, build, and launch

cool $#!+...

You know,

COOL $#!+ like this:

See How BlueVerse Closed 6-Figures in Pre-Seed Funding Off a Clickable Prototype with The Nerdstorm

Later, the BlueVerse team won an additional $145,000 at the prestigious Rice Business Plan Competition in Houston. No Nerds was there to support them.

We had ideas flowing for so many months—once we finally put them to paper with the No Nerds team it felt so good.
Mason Still
Founder & CEO @BlueVerse

Read How Wellness 4 Humanity Launched the First National Covid Vending Machines in Under 12 Weeks w/ Nerds-as-a-Service

Wellness 4 Humanity‘s vending machines captured the attention of The Tonight Show, earning two separate mentions in Jimmy Fallon’s weekly “Thank You Note” segment.

The No Nerds team delivered exactly what we needed to hit our deadlines and expand the public’s access to quick and easy COVID testing. Without them, the launch of our national vending machine network would not have been the success that it was.
Lian Pham
Founder & CEO @Wellness4Humanity

Learn How Limber Health Built the Future of Physical Therapy in 6 Months and Raised $11M Along the Way w/ Nerdshore

Limber Health was selected from hundreds of innovative companies as a winner of the 2022 UCSF Health Hub Digital Health Award in the Rising Star Remote Diagnostic Tool category.  

No Nerds carried us through a critical period in Limber’s growth—without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Their flexibility and 24/7 support helped us feel taken care of always.
Michael Gruner
Founder & CEO @Limber Health

We ain't your momma's dev shop

Here's what the other guys do:

Custom Software Development

Are you looking for designers and developers that build exactly what you ask for? Keep looking. That’s not us. For every feature we’ve built, we’ve talked our clients out of building ten more.

Staff Augmentation

Don’t settle for bargain-bin rates and barely-breathing software ‘professionals.’ Unlike our competitors—we don’t rent out warm bodies. Our team consists of the world’s best and brightest. Try them out and see for yourself.

Digital Transformation

You’re not the problem & ‘Digital Transformation’ isn’t the solution. Skip fancy consultants preaching cloud migration. What you need is a team of Nerds to enhance your strengths and optimize your business.

Agile Consulting

Agile is a cult, and we’re not big fans of Kool-Aid. If you like paying top dollar for do-nothing bureaucrats, good for you. If you want a team and process that fits your existing business, keep reading.

Nerds just do it better:


Still trying to figure out if what you want to build is worth the investment?

The NerdSpark is a rapid prototyping workshop aimed around getting you a testable prototype, landing page, or proof-of-concept to take to customers, investors, or potential partners—without spending a dime on design or development.


New products shouldn’t take six months and $100K+ to bring to market.

Enter the Nerdstorm: our 5-day roadmapping workshop, followed immediately by a 4-12 week, fixed scope design & development sprint targeted at getting your product out of your head and into customers’ hands ASAP.


Need a strike force of technical ninjas to swoop in and save the day? 

With NaaS, you can build a self-managed, dedicated team to tackle your company’s challenges. We’ll handpick a team of Nerds from our hybrid onshore/nearshore, in-house team. Enjoy zero long-term commitments and a 100% Last Sprint money-back guarantee.

Our kickass clients agree:

I tell everyone I know who is building something new, “talk to No Nerds.” If I could, I’d go back in time and tell past-Sam to start leveraging their team sooner.
Sam Bernstein
CEO @Loper
We can’t recommend No Nerds enough. Working with them isn’t just about designing a product, but about building a business. We wouldn’t have made it so far without them.
Shirley Vega
Founder @Heyway
After three years of other agencies promising a lot but delivering little, No Nerds got what I was trying to do from the first time we sat down. Getting to test a prototype just one week later was super cool.
Adam Lin
CEO @The Self-Portrait Project

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