Building something new? We'll get you to launch on-time & under-budget.

Ship faster. Spend less. Take back your time and focus on what you do best: growing your business.

Independent software [firms] such as Mr. Knight’s [No Nerds] represent an elite echelon of the so-called Gig Economy.

The No Nerds team focuses on one thing:

Helping fast-paced businesses

build & launch new products and features

so they can focus on growth.

How do we do that?

That depends on how far you've made it.


Nerdstorm - Our 5-day workshop to help you de-risk new projects and prepare everything you need for design & development.

We tamed Snoop Dogg‘s impossible vision for the future of music, producing a prototype for his upcoming revolutionary sample marketplace in just 5-daysWe later wrote, designed, and personally led his pitch to Universal Music Group’s CEO Sir Lucian Grainge, resulting in the platform’s first major label partnership.

"Motha#*$&a now you're speaking my language!"
Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg
(Actual quote)


Nerdshock - Our 2-week "project rescue" designed to get your stalled project out the door—on-time and under-budget.

We helped Wellness4Humanity launch the nation’s first COVID-test vending machines within an insane 12-week deadline—after months of wasting time with another team that just couldn’t deliver.

"The No Nerds team delivered exactly what we needed to hit our deadlines and expand the public’s access to quick and easy COVID testing. Without them, the launch of our national vending machine network would not have been the success that it was."
Lian Pham
Founder & CEO @ Wellness 4 Humanity


Nerds-as-a-Service - Our on-demand, flexible, and fractional engineering, design, and product leadership service.

We helped Limber Health manage development of their 2.0 application, navigate an international rehosting of their infrastructure, and managed a team of 6+ developers—letting them focus on closing massive partnership deals and raising $11M in the process.

"The No Nerds team worked very hard to help us achieve our ambitious goals under a tight timeline. Their leadership team has an extensive understanding of technology and approach projects with strong passion and vision."
Michael Gruner
Founder & CEO @ Limber Health

The anti-agency design & development "agency"

The agency model is broken. Here's how the other guys get it wrong:

"Custom" Software Development

Are you looking for designers and developers that build exactly what you ask for? Keep looking. That’s not usFor every feature we’ve built, we’ve talked our clients out of building ten more. 

Most agencies depend on scope creep to pay their bills. Not us: our job is to get you to launch as quickly, efficiently, and effectively as possible. All our projects are fixed-length and fixed-scope. We set a target and we sprint towards it. 

Staff "Augmentation"

Unlike our competitors—we don’t rent out warm bodies. We don’t make our money by charging 75% gross margins on an army of low-cost and low-quality design & development talent. 

Instead, we support your existing team, or help you assemble a new team specifically for your project.

"Agile" Consulting

Agile is a cult, and we’re not big fans of Kool-Aid. If you like paying top dollar for do-nothing bureaucrats, we’re not for you.

We believe in the words of the original Agile Manifesto: people over process. We’ll work with you to find a process that works for you and your team—not zealously adhere to whatever’s written in a 20-page book with a seal on the cover.

Nerds just do it better:

Build the right thing.

In 2024, software development is a commodity business. There are millions of developers more than capable of building your app the right way.

But building the right app? That’s the hard part. Our processes challenge you to defend every aspect of your project’s scope, making sure you only build exactly what you need to.

Ship faster. Spend less.

Do the hard work first.

We call it the Dev Shop Special: they spend 100% of your budget building the easiest 80% of the project, and then leave you high and dry when they can’t actually finish the rest of the app.

Our process identifies the biggest risks to your project—technical, product, or financial—and puts them at the start of your roadmap.

Avoid the Dev Shop Special.

Launch today. Build tomorrow.

Taking a product to market might take months of design & development. But getting something in front of customers, getting their feedback, and delivering them real value shouldn’t.

Other companies focus on crafting award-winning “experiences”. We focus on getting you to market as quickly as possible.

We don’t build apps. We launch businesses.

Our kickass clients agree:

"I tell everyone I know who is building something new, 'talk to No Nerds.' If I could, I’d go back in time and tell past-Sam to start leveraging their team sooner."
Sam Bernstein
CEO @ Loper
"We can’t recommend the No Nerds team enough. Working with them isn’t just about designing a product, but about building a business. We wouldn’t have made it so far without them."
Shirley Vega
Founder @ Heyway
"After three years of other agencies promising a lot but delivering little, the No Nerds team got what I was trying to do from the first time we sat down. Getting to test a prototype just one week later was super cool."
Andy Lin
CEO @ The Self-Portrait Project

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