Read how we tamed Snoop Dogg's impossible vision and led his pitch to Universal Music Group w/ Nerdstorm

The Doggfather himself had a vision of the future of the music industry, he just needed a technical partner to help him design it. He chose us.

How Limber Health launched the next generation of their Physical Therapy platform in 6 months—raising $11M in funding along the way.

Limber Health was selected from hundreds of innovative companies as a winner of the 2022 UCSF Health Hub Digital Health Award in the Rising Star Remote Diagnostic Tool category.  

See how BlueVerse closed 6-figures in Pre-Seed funding off a clickable prototype—all from 1 week w/ Nerdstorm.

Later, the BlueVerse team won an additional $145,000 at the prestigious Rice Business Plan Competition in Houston. No Nerds was there to support them.

Read how Wellness 4 Humanity got on The Tonight Show after launching the nation's first COVID-test vending machines in just 12 weeks w/ Nerdstorm

Wellness launched COVID test vending machines at 25 high-traffic locations, including Oakland International Airport, marking the first U.S. airport to offer COVID test kits.