Remembering Daniel Kahneman—and why so many in the startup community admired him.

This week, the startup and academic worlds mourn the loss of Daniel Kahneman, the pioneering psychologist and Nobel laureate behind the groundbreaking book Thinking, Fast & Slow. Kahneman’s work, in partnership with Amos Tversky, challenged the notion of humans as rational decision-makers, laying the foundations for behavioral economics. This shift not only spurred a new economic theory, known as Prospect Theory, but also influenced countless entrepreneurs and business leaders to reevaluate decision-making processes.

Demystifying Agile for the non-technical founder—learn the difference between “Agile” and “Waterfall”.

Agile Development has become a bit of a buzzword. You’re unlikely to find a single development team in corporate, freelance, agency, or studio contexts that doesn’t consider themselves “Agile” these days (with the noted exception of domains like Aerospace and the Military where minor errors can cost people’s lives). Its ubiquitousness has made it difficult to pinpoint exactly what Agile is and isn’t. This article fixes that.

Developers, Designers, and PMs, Oh My! Understanding the different kinds of Nerds.

Product teams involve cooperation between several different roles, each with unique responsibilities. For our purposes here, we’ll refer to each of these roles as if we had a separate person filling them. In reality, there’s nothing wrong with one person fulfilling several, or even all of these roles. Instead think of them as distinct sets of responsibility—and ideally expertise.